Solar Power Water Well

Solar Powered Water Wells now a part of Hafren Water offering

Working with a specialist sustainable energy partner company, Hafren Water now offer solar powered water wells to their service portfolio. Ideal in remote locations, or where costs of main connections would be high, solar powered water wells do not need an external power source. Providing either a turnkey or retrofitting service Hafren Water can advise on the complete process, from the feasibility of installations and calculation of water demand, through to borehole installation and installation of pumping and PV equipment. On Hafren Water’s latest service provision, Director Chris Leake comments: “In most cases solar power can readily be retrofitted to existing water wells. Hafren Water are now able to test the pumping capacity of existing boreholes, as well as designing and managing the installation of an appropriate PV (solar panel) array and appropriately sized DC submersible pump.” Utilising market leading Lorentz borehole pumps, Hafren Water are looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of solar powered water wells to their clients.