Nutrient Neutral Planning Developments

The requirement for new developments to be ‘nitrate neutral’ is proving to be a significant obstacle for development in some catchments, and problematic for developers. The requirement has led to several Local Councils in the vicinity of the Solent, Hampshire, being unable to grant planning permission for new housing developments. Herefordshire Council is also unable to grant planning permission in the River Lugg/Wye catchment unless phosphate neutrality, and betterment, can be proven.

Hafren Water is working closely with clients on these issues, devising innovative solutions to neutralise the impacts of nitrogen and phosphate from new developments. We have extensive experience of nutrient and hydrological assessments, both of which are required to develop workable on- or off-site nutrient capture/sinks.

We would be pleased to discuss projects where nutrient off-setting is required, please contact Sarah Belton