A thriving reedbed is at the heart of this expanding reserve in Newark

Hafren Water aid large scale habitat creation at Quarry in Langford Lowfields

Quarry restoration offers immense opportunities for large scale habitat creation. An excellent example of this is the on-going development of Langford Lowfields Quarry, at Newark, in Nottinghamshire. Tarmac, operators of the quarry, have worked in close collaboration with the RSPB over several decades to create a rich mosaic of reedbed, wet woodland and species rich grassland, in an area that was formerly intensively farmed with little wildlife interest. A thriving reedbed is at the heart of this expanding reserve, with wildlife highlights including bitterns, brown hares, bearded tits, marsh harriers, avocets, wintering wildfowl, starling mumurations and colourful wildflowers. Hafren Water has worked with Tarmac closely on the site for a prolonged period, advising on the hydrological aspects of the scheme, which is key to its success and sustainability. Further details of the site can be found here: https://bit.ly/2N99Kor