Flooding is a natural process which plays an important role in shaping the natural environment. However, when unmitigated it can cause substantial damage to life and property.

Flooding can occur from a number of sources such as rivers, surface water, groundwater, sewers, reservoirs, and whilst flood prevention is difficult, the effects can be reduced. Climate change is increasing the intensity of rainfall events and it is highly likely that flooding could become more widespread with more people and property at risk of a flood in the future.

Flood Risk

Flood risk is a major factor for new development and it is addressed within UK government policies. These differ throughout the UK, and include the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in England, Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 7 in Scotland, Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15 in Wales, and Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 15 in Northern Ireland. The aim of UK Planning Policies and Local Planning Authorities is to direct new development away from higher flood risk areas, to those with the lowest risk of flooding.

Flood risk areas are assigned zones, which are designated from ‘high’ to ‘low’ risk. In England for example, the Environment Agency has three designated flood zones, with ‘Flood Zone 3’ covering areas at the highest risk of flooding, and ‘Flood Zone 1’ the lowest. If a development is to be located within Flood Zone 2 or 3, or is over 1 hectare in Flood Zone 1, then a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) must be carried out under the NPPF.

Flood Risk Assessment

Hafren Water has undertaken Flood Risk Assessments throughout the UK. These have ranged in size from large-scale commercial projects to individual properties. We provide bespoke, pragmatic and cost-effective Flood Risk Assessment for any size of development, with all work undertaken to the pertinent specifications required for the regulatory authorities. Our range of experience and practical approach ensure that the Flood Risk Assessment we undertake are highly targeted, address the specifics of each site and are, therefore, cost-effective. We have engaged in dialogue with the regulatory authorities on numerous sites throughout the UK and are well-placed to represent clients effectively on all flood risk issues and are a safe pair of hands in this area for a wide range of clients including Tarmac, Hanson Ltd, D K Symes Associates, GP Planning, and Roger Parry & Partners.

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recent project

Former Care Village, Shangton

Outline Planning Permission was granted by Harborough District Council for the erection of 27 residential dwellings on the former Shangton Care Village site in Leicestershire. However, as the Environment Agency surface water flood maps indicated a ‘high risk’ of surface water flooding to the site a Planning Condition was included which required further information and assessment of potential surface water flood risk on site.

Flood risk

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